This Association is a corporation established to carry out studies,technical research and development,collection and distribution of information concering the amusement machine industry (the industry dealing in machines for entertainment including video and other games,amusement park equipment,etc),with the objective of contributing to the development of the said industry of Japan and to the elevation of the national living conditions.
 A member of the Association can receive the supply of a wide range of information including the results of various studies on the industry and technical development and in given preferential right to attend the Association's study and research courses.In addition,a member of the Association is qualified to exhibit at JAMMA shows held in Japan and abroad to publicize its products and promote their sale.

There are two categories of the Association's membership,that is,regular members and supporting members.
Juridical persons and individuals engaged in manufacture and/or sale of amusement machines and orgnizations comprising such juridical persons and/or individuals are eligible for regular membership.
Those who share the Association's objective and are willing to cooperate with the Association in carrying out its tasks are eligible for supporting membership.
2.Membership Application
An applicant for membership is requred to submit "a membership application" using the Association's official form,filling up necessary particulars,together with an "exemplified copy of the register book" and a "history of the organization" in case of a juridical person,and with a "copy of family register" and a "personal history" (regular forms sold on the market) in case of an individual.A photograph of a "representative of membership" is also required for each application.
Recommendations by at least one regular member and one director of the Association are required to apply for the Association's membership.
An applicant wishing to become a regular member is required to submit a report on the "annual sales" rank for the membership fee standards stipulated by the Association.
A complete set of required documents must be submitted to the Association's Secretariat at the time of membership application.
3.Recommender's Responsibility
Recommenders of an applicant shall be responsible for the applicant's observance after admission of the Association's Articles of the Association.

4.Conditions of Ineligibility

One who comes under any of the following status cannot become a member of the Association

One whose business experience in the said business at the time of application is showt of one year.
One who has been expelled from the Association with the three year time not elapsing after the day of disposition.
One who was punished for a violation of the laws and regulations related to the industry such as the Electrical Appliances Control Law with the three year time not elapsing after the day of punishment.
One who has been convicted of a penalty of imprisonment or worse.
One who has been adjudged incompetent or quasi-incompetent.
One who was degraded in financial credence because of the application of the bankruptcy Act,the Composition Act or the Stock Company Reorganization and Rehabilitation Act,attachment or provisional disposition,with the three year time not elapsing after the day of recovery of credence such as reinstatement,decision of termination of procedures for reorganization and rehabilitation:and a juridical person or an individual who is admitted to be sponsored by such a person.
One who was placed under suspension of business in the clearing house,with the three year time not elapsing from the day of disposition.
One who is recognized by the Board of Directors as against public order and good morals as exemplified by illegal business transactions or material lack of commercial morals.
5.Initiation of Membership Qualification
An applicant aquires membership upon payment of admission and membership fees after the approval of the applicant's membership by the Borad of Directors.
Contents of examination concerning admission shall not be made public.

Japan Amusement Machinery Manufacturers Association

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