The Japan Amusement Machinery Manufacturers Association(JAMMA), an authorized public corporation, is involved in survey and research, technological development, and gathering/provision of information on the amusement industry , in addition to other activities. Through theses diverse activities, the association hopes to promote the amusement industry and its related businesses, and contribute to its robust development as well as enhancing the well-being of the public.
The association is comprised of various committees and divisions which are responsible for the following activities.

Exchanges with other countries
Each year the association organizes the Tokyo/International Amusement Summit, where representatives of amusement industry organizations in Europe, America, and Southeast Asia convene.
This event is held in conjunction with the Amusement Machine Show and it promotes the exchange of information between countries and aims to improve the environment surrounding the amusement industry.
Protection of intellectual property rights
JAMMA strives to protect the intellectual property rights of domestic amusement machinery. In order to prevent the imitation of amusement machines, which is becoming rampant throughout the world, the association organized the Video Game International Auti-Counterfeit Advisory Group(AAG) and carries out activities to protect intellectual property in the international arena.
Research and standardization of technologies
In order to keep pace with video game machines that undergo technological innovations at dizzying speeds, the association established in1996 a new JAMMA Video Standard on edge connectors. Its also drew up a product safety guideline to foster an awareness for product safety within the industry. In addition , it organizes seminars and conducts research and surveys on international standards.
Establishment of wholesome amusement industry
In order to ensure the creation of wholesome forms of amusement, JAMMA established a Criteria for Machines that Obstruct Wholesomeness and investigations are conducted on visual expressions that violate the registration system of medal game machines as well as public order morals.
Machines that have passed this criteria must carry stickers indicating that fact.
Organizing the Amusement Machine Show
The Amusement Machine Show in Tokyo is held annually by JAMMA.It draws enthusiastic crowds from Japan and overseas; and some of the latest amusement machines can be seen prior to their launch into the global market. In 1996, an amusement machine show was held in Hong Kong, and another is planned in Singapore this November. JAMMA strives to promote Japan's amusement industry and the healthy development of the Asian market through these shows which is expected to gain importance in the years ahead.
Lodging of petitions to administrative organs
JAMMA petitions authorities concerning legal ordinances and administrative guidance on the amusement machinery industry.
Survey / research on the amusement industry
In order to accurately assess the size and scope of the amusement industry, the association has been conducting an annual fact-finding survey since 1995. Carried out in cooperation with ALL NIPPON Amusement Machine Operaters' Union(AOU) and Nihon Shopping Center Amusement Park Operators Association(NSA) , this survey is widely used as the sole statistical date on the actual status of the amusement industry.
Holding seminars and study meetings
Periodic publication of PR magazine